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Christian County Emergency Services
About Us 
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About Us Christian County Emergency Services (CCES) was established in April of 2009 after a sales tax initiative successfully passed and eliminated the fifteen percent (15%) surcharge on land line telephones.  It wasn’t until January 1, 2011 did the three separate communication centers (County, Nixa, and Ozark) physically consolidate their personnel and equipment into the County facility. We operate the communications center with five teams; two days, two nights, and a part-time team.  Our full time personnel work twelve hour shifts on a 2/3 rotation.  Our part-time personnel work a hybrid schedule that allows additional coverage in our peak hours and assists with covering open shifts during time off requests and illness.  We maintain a minimum staffing of five (5) but can fluctuate up to seven (7) working positions. A little history... Prior to the sales tax in 2009 and consolidation, both the County 9-1-1 and Nixa 9-1-1 center had their budgets subsidized by county and local government entities.  With a county growing at record speed and the decline in land line telephones, funding for the centers became a hot topic and concern for many.  Once the decision was made to change the funding mechanism, the issue was placed before the voters of Christian County.  The voters graciously agreed to the 1/4 cent sales tax, thus creating the Christian County Emergency Services Board of Directors.  The Board hired Rance Duffy as the Executive Director of Communications in February 2010.  Shortly after, Udell Mentola was hired as the Deputy Director of Communications in July 2010.  By the end of 2010, the plans had been set into action to consolidate the three dispatch centers into one January 1, 2011. Since our conception, our organization has been very grateful for grant opportunities that allowed us to purchase a new computer aided dispatch (CAD) system (awarded September 2009).  Additionally, we were awarded a million dollar grant through the FEMA Fire Act Grant to implement a county-wide trunked radio system (awarded May 2010). In August of 2012 we went live with our new CAD system, provided by New World Systems.